How to Avoid Internet Scams

I hate to see people getting scammed and in this article, I will share some of the main red flags of online scams to help you avoid them.

5 Obvious signs of online scams

If you stumbled upon a product with one of the signs below, BE CAREFUL and do some in-depth research before investing in it.

None of these signs mean that the product is 100% scam but if you find any of the signs in a product, most probably it is a scam or a low-quality product.

You should be really careful when you see these red flags:

1. No contact information

All decent businesses in the world should provide you some ways to contact them if needed. They should present a valid address, phone number, and email address.

The first thing you should do is to check the phone number or email by actually contacting them. You can also check if the address is valid google maps and it is not a random address.

If you could not contact the sellers for any reason, it is a serious red flag.

2. Low-quality support with no or slow response

By contacting them you will also understand how professional is the support team. The contact information may be valid and you receive a response but they way they respond also matters.

If you feel the response is an automated message, it’s another red flag you should be careful about.

3. Extraordinary promises

If it sounds too good to be true, probably it is!

Keep in mind that there are no magic ways to get rich, loose weights, etc. If the advertisement is building high hopes for extreme results in a short time, you are looking at another red flag.


4. Including fancy images like expensive cars and homes

We make purchases buy emotional decisions.

If you see images of an expensive car in an advertisement, it’s most probably an emotional trigger to stop you from thinking more logically.

In this case, the best thing to do is to wait for a while. If you wait even 1 day before making the payment, you will start to think more logically and understand better if you actually intend to invest in a product.

5. Magic or untold methods

There is no backdoor to success.

Most scams promise you to share some untold methods that work like crazy and our mind likes to believe it.

If you hear about secrets, be careful about the product and do more research about it.

5 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

But, how can you avoid internet scams?

Here is a list of 5 ways to avoid scams:

  1. Get in touch with the sellers before buying
  2. Search for the product and read different reviews about it (Use terms like “name of the product + scam” or “name of the product + review” ) – It might sound obvious but many people ignore it when they see a shiny product.
  3. Search for the product owners (If you can’t find out who the owners are, be careful, it’s probably a big scam! ) – Check if the product is owned by a company or by individuals and see what you can find from them.
  4. Do not trust any promises or any testimonials on the sales page – Search for reviews and testimonials in other places.
  5. Get feedback from other people in trusted known communities. You can always ask about a product in related forums, communities, or social media.

Not Recommended List

At, we are constantly reviewing products. We do not recommend the following list as we believed they will waste your time or money or both.

Some of these programs are legit and some are a scam but they do not worth your time.

Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is a reward website that gives you points for your online actions like surveys, watching videos, etc. You can cash out your earnings after 20$.

It is not a scam but it does not worth your time. Do you want to know why?

Click on the title to read our complete unique rewards review.

Survey Junkie

It’s a famous survey site in which you can take surveys and earn a few dollars for each survey. While it’s popularity is increasing day by day, I do not recommend it. If you’re interested to know why to click on the name to read the full review.


BigSpot is not a decent business! So many complaints and shady marketing are a few of red lights about it. Stay away from it. If you want to read the full review, click on its name!


AmeriPlan is a legit business that offers real opportunities but it’s not your best solution. Their website looks old and your opportunities are limited. Especially if you’re new to online business, I don’t recommend this program. Click on the name to read the full review.

Especially if you’re new to online business, I don’t recommend this program. Click on the name to read the full review.


Kyani is a decent business according to many online reviews! They offer health products. If you are into those products, you might want to test Kyani’s product as well.

What is not recommended about Kyani is the business opportunity part! Why? A few of my reasons are

  1. Their business model is MLM which I don’t like
  2. Their success rate is low
  3. You should invest a relatively hard amount of money to start

You can read my full review by clicking on the name.

Coffee Shop Millionaire

This review is a bit old. Coffee shop millionaire is on the border-line. It’s not a scam nor a perfect product. It bombards you with lots of upsells and there are many similar products which are better and cheaper.

That’s why it’s not recommended. You can read the full review if you click on its name.

Tell Us About Your Experiences

If you had experiences with internet scams in the past, you can share your story with us and help our readers.


  1. Jeremy Hood

    These are some great tips on avoiding internet scams. Sometimes it can be hard to do as they are well disguised.

    Like you said, the first thing I do is decide if it is too good to be true. If your gut is telling you this it is usually true.

    If it passes that test then I do the searches you recommend like the name of the product + scam. This is usually enough to make a decision for me.

    • Ash

      The research step is the most important one for sure. But, sometimes, especially when the product is new, you might not be able to find enough information about it.

      In those cases, my recommendation is to check a few more things: 1. Their contact info 2. The owners 3. Their support.

      Some scams create several products to protect the newest one from bad reviews! If you could track them and see how the previous products were doing, you can make a wiser decision about it.


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