bigspot reviewIs Bigspot another survey scam? Let’s find out the truth.

In this in-depth BigSpot review, I’ll expose everything you need to know.

They claim that you can make easy money using their system. But, is it really true? Can you really earn extra money? Let’s find out!

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What is BigSpot?

Before joining the system, you cannot understand much about their business model.

When you visit BigSpot home page, on the left side of the page, you can see a picture with this note:

1. Join now 2. Share 3. Get Paid.

On the other side of the pageyou can see a form that is asking for your personal information!

This is VERY SUSPICIOUS because there is little information about the business on the website.


There is no logical reason to trust them with your personal information.

Let’s see what will happen if you fill the form and sign up.

Right after you fill the form, you will see this message:


And below this message, you can see a few links to other survey sites.

Guess what?

All of them are affiliate links.

Now, it’s becoming more clear what they are actually doing.

In short,

BigSpot is a portal to other survey websites.

They are neither a survey company nor a market research company. So the only way they can make a profit is from commissions through their affiliate links or from YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

If you think about it, they are not adding a real value to the market.

You can find a lot of real survey companies like SwagBucks, by a simple google search.

If you ever joined Big Spot, keep in mind that:

You should check every other survey site they offer you. Because they do not give any information about the survey sites they are promoting and you can not trust any of them before doing a research.

The worst part is that you cannot trust Big Spot! There are many negative reviews about them and their website is very shady!

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BigSpot reviews and complaints

There are many complaints about BigSpot. You can also find a lot of negative BigSpot reviews on the internet.

Some people are complaining about receiving a huge amount of spam emails after participating in their surveys.

Some are complaining that BigSpot is a dishonest service.

Many people are complaining that they haven’t received any money from Bigspot.

Let’s take a look at Bigspot reviews on ComplaintBoard.

Here, you can see a few of more than 30 submitted complaints:




I found 28 reviews On SiteJabber !

It’s not a surprise that 17 of those were 1-star reviews and the average rating was 2 out of 5. The majority of people are not happy about this service.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reviews submitted on SiteJabber:

sitejabber-com-bigspot-review-4 sitejabber-com-bigspot-review-1 sitejabber-com-bigspot-review-2 sitejabber-com-bigspot-review-3

Of course, there a few positive reviews there too.

But most of them are negative and it is a red flag that tells us to stay away from this website.

Is BigSpot really a scam?

There are serious red flags on this website.

Red flag 1: Contact information

Here is a picture of their contact page:

bigspot review - contact us page

As you can see, there is no reliable way to communicate with the people behind this website.

I couldn’t find a phone number or even an email address to contact support.

Red flag 2: Whois information

The domain name is registered by Varsityplaza LLC which you cannot find any information about it. It seems that even the address linked to this company is not valid.

Red flag 3: Lots of complaints and negative reviews

There are too many negative reviews that are a big scam warning.

I think these three red flags are enough to conclude that:

BigSpot is a scam and I strongly recommend you to stay away from it!

Personally, I would never trust a website like BigSpot with neither my information nor my money.

Even if they are not breaking any laws, I can’t find a single reason to waste my time on a website that adds no value while being shady and unreliable.

If you think it’s a free website and you risk nothing by joining their service, YOU ARE WRONG.

Because of two reasons:

1 – Time is gold

Your TIME is much more valuable than your money.

Bigspot will only waste your time and hold you back from real opportunities.

2 – Everybody hates SPAM

According to many user reviews, you might end up receiving SPAM EMAILS in the future.

It can be very annoying and you may even lose money on offers inside those emails.

Be careful and never use your personal email for joining websites that you do not trust.

What about BigSpot commercials?

Let’s take a look at one of the commercials:


It’s hard to believe that this nonsense is viewed by more than 190k people on YouTube.

Of course, you can earn a few dollars by taking online surveys.

But, not using this website.

This low-quality commercial is another red flag that tells you to stay away from Bigspot.

Bigspot and SurveySay

SurveySay is another SCAM survey site that is running by the same owners.

The interesting part is that they haven’t changed anything.

You can see both websites in the picture below:

An image for comparison of and

As you can see, and look exactly the same except that they have different logos!

This is another serious warning.

BigSpot review in summery

Let’s summarize the review:

  • BigSpot is a shady website
  • It is just a gateway to other survey sites which are not trustable
  • All of them gather your personal information
  • Lots of people are complaining about it
  • I cannot trust this website because of too many red flags

As a conclusion,

Stay away from BigSpot before it rips you off!

So, even if you want to try online paid surveys, Big Spot is not a good place to start.

If you are curious about online surveys, you can join trustable paid survey sites like Swagbucks.

However, you should know that investing your time in online surveys is not wise!

You can use your time more efficiently

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Your turn

Do you have an experience with online scams? Have you ever faced a hype service?

Let’s hear your story!

If you have similar experiences with online scams, share it with us and save others from falling into their trap.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I will respond to all comments.

Let’s make the internet a safer place.

Talk soon,



bigspot review-logo


  • Name: BigSpot
  • Website: httpssss:// & httpssss://
  • Owners: Varsityplaza LLC
  • Costs: Free
  • LEI Rating: 1 out of 5
  • Scam or Legit: Scam!
  • Is it recommended? No!

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