Candy Crack Review: 8 Things You Need to Know!

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By reading this Candy Crack review, you’ll get to know:

  • Is Candy Crack real?
  • Can you cash out?
  • Can you earn real money by playing puzzle games?

If you’re short on time, you can read the 30 seconds summary of this review.

Here are 8 things you need to know about Candy Crack:

1. What is Candy Crack?

Candy Crack is a puzzle game developed by Sophia Games.

You can play for free and earn virtual coins as you progress through the game.

It claims you can exchange your coins for PayPal dollars or amazon gift cards when you earn $1,000 worth of coins.

candy crack playstore screenshot

This is the first warning sign because it is virtually impossible to earn such a large sum of money without creating any real value.

All games like Candy Crack, Lucky Chip Spin, and Starry For Cash all work in the same way.

They’re addictive and they bombard you with lots of ads and sponsored videos while you’re playing.

All of them offer you huge earning opportunities, but the cash-out requirements are so tough that no one earns anything.

After some time, you’ll eventually become frustrated. 

2. How do you play Candy Crack?

The gameplay is very simple.

You can click on the adjacent squares of the same color and eliminate them.

The more you eliminate the higher your score becomes and when you break the record you get combos.

candy crack playstore screenshot

You also get other tools and daily rewards to boost your score.

When you reach the target score or collect stars you can enter the next level.

As you progress through the game, it becomes increasingly difficult to level up.

The bad news is that:

In order to cash out, you need to reach a certain level of 30 which seems impossible.

3. Is Candy Crack legitimate?

It’s hard to call it a SCAM.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store and play it for fun.

However, it’s not a genuine game as it offers you a fake earning opportunity.

But if you check the reviews on Play Store, many are complaining about being impossible to cash out anything. Not surprising!

Another red flag is that there is almost no information about the game developers and the only way you can contact them is a Gmail address.

You can find another game on their PlayStore profile:

Sophia Games profile on Play Store

Block Sudoku, is a block puzzle game and like their first game claims you can win big prizes.

As expected, lots of people left negative reviews saying it’s fake and you can’t actually earn anything with it.

3. Does Candy Crack pay real money?

No, you cannot.

Like other get-rich-quick game schemes, most probably you will never even get enough points to request a withdrawal.

These types of games are designed to be addictive and their main income is from the advertisement.

4. How do you cash out on your candy crack app?

They offer two methods:

  1. PayPal
  2. Cash App
  3. Amazon gift cards

To be able to cash out, you need to earn at least $1,000.

It’s almost impossible to achieve, but even if you do, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive any money.

As you can see:

Candy Crack's terms of service
Candy Crack’s terms of service

Candy Crack’s terms of service state that they have the right to not pay you if they detect abnormal activity.

In addition, they can stop or delay payments at any time.

5. Candy Crack reviews and complaints

You can’t find user reviews anywhere else but on the Play Store page.

Here you can read reviews from the top two most upvoted posts.

The first user complains that he will never be able to reach level 30 because the game gradually gets slower and slower until it becomes impossible to reach that level:

Candy Crack review on playstore

The second user is skeptical about the leaderboard:

Candy Crack review on playstore

More reviews are reporting a similar experience:

They are not able to withdraw their earnings because of the high withdrawal threshold.

6. How can you download Candy Crack?

You can download it from Google Play Store.

However, considering the shady approach to the app and the get-rich-quick scheme, I suggest you avoid it.

Even if you want it for fun, there are plenty of other puzzle games out there from established companies you can easily find on the marketplace.

7. Can you play Candy Crack on your iPhone?

No, Candy Crack is available for android.

However, there is a similar game called Candy Crack Mania that is available for iPhone.

8. Is there a game that pays real money?

The quick answer is no!

You cannot earn quick money just by playing free games.

Some games may pay you tiny rewards for playing them but the reward is so low that isn’t worth your time.

You may also play games that offer you gambling options but you must risk your own money. Most of the time you will end up losing.

Summary of Candy Crack review

Here is a short review for you:

  • Candy Crack is an addictive android game that claims you can earn big money just by playing
  • You can download the app from PlayStore 
  • It forces you to watch lots of sponsored ads and videos
  • It promises big rewards but you will earn nothing
  • I don’t recommend it to you

To conclude this review, in my opinion, Candy Crack is not worth it.

It’s always safer to stay away from these shady apps.

There are lots of other games out there, you can download and play them.

If you’re looking for a good way to earn money online, you might want to take a look at my favorite program.

It’s a community for entrepreneurs who want to create their own successful websites.

What do you think about Candy Crack?

Have you ever played Candy Crack?

Were you able to earn any real money?

Feel free to share your experience with us. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. Robyn Marshall

    I’ve played for a while. I was able to cash out and then was tasked with watching ads. After reaching the in process status I was placed in the payout queue and a message stated that they would deposit .1 to .99 into my account and to take a screen shoot and send to the email provided and then I would receive the remainder. Never received the first deposit.

    • Ash

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us Robyn.


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