Are you looking for earning some extra cash for fun?

AppNana rewards you free gift cards when you dowload and use new applications on your mobile.


Is it legit? Does it really pay you?

What about AppNana hacks? Can you hack it to earn even more money?

Continue reading and I will explain everything you need to know about this popular application!

What is AppNana?

AppNana Gift Cards.jpg

AppNana is a mobile application developed by Mapiz inc which gives you rewards (Nana credits) for downloading new mobile games and applications.

You can exchange these Nana credits with Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox and Steam gift cards.

They will send you the gift cards by email within 48 hours.

The registration is free and it rewards you 10,000 Nanas as a bonus when you join the app.

But don’t get excited because each 30,000 Nanas is equal to $1. So, 10,000 Nanas is almost equal to 30 cents. Not a very generous bonus!

Let’s see other ways you can get more Nanas.

How You Can Get Free Nanas?

There are 5 ways to earn free Nanas:

  1. Download and use applications and games and earn 1k – 30k Nanas
  2. Refer your friends and earn 2500 Nanas for each referral
  3. Watch videos and earn 5 Nanas for each video
  4. Stay active and earn 400 Nanas for each day
  5. Play in-app games and earn between 500-1000 Nanas

Here are a few applications I can see in the “Get Nanas” tap right now:

Amounts of free Nanas to earn

As you can see, the task is harder when the rewards is higher.

For example, you can install a certain app and lunch it to earn 1,700 Nanas. But installing the app is not enough for earning 3,800 Nanas and you should also reach 300 coins inside the app to earn the reward.

Despite the fact that the number of Nanas are high, the real potential behind this app is very limited.

To illustrate this

I will calculate the approximate amount of money you can earn in a single month if you use the app 4 hours per day.

Here is an example scenario:

  • Downloading and using 15 applications ~ 40,000 Nanas
  • Playing in-app games for 2 hours each day ~ 20,000 Nanas per month
  • Referring 5 friends ~ 12,500 Nanas
  • Watch 20 videos each day ~ 3,000 Nanas per month
  • Stay active all days ~ 12,000 Nanas per month

Adding all the above rewards, you will earn a maximum of 87,500 Nanas. This is less than the reward for getting $5 Amazon gift card. Consider that this is the maximum you can earn if you spend approximately 4 hours every day.

As you can see, the real opportunity is very limited with AppNana.

Is Appnana Legit or SCAM?

Appnana is legit.

The app is registered both on GooglePlay and AppStore.

It’s been downloaded more than 500,000 times inside the Google play store with a rating of 4+.

I couldn’t find any major complaints about it. Most negative reviews are from people who are not happy with their low earnings.


here are many scams that are promoting fake hacks to get unlimited Nanas for free.

Can You Really Hack AppNana To Earn More Rewards?

The short answer is a solid No!

All the tricks, hacks and referral bots are fake and websites promoting them are SCAMS. BE AWARE!

Here are a few examples.

When you search AppNana Hack in Google, one of the first results is NanaHack(dot)co.

When you start the hack, here is watch you see:

AppNana Hack Fake Website

First thing to mention is that the URL is changed to

But the more important problem is the way it works. There is a button for enabling encryption.

It’s just a fake button to earn your trust.

This website is not even using the HTTPS protocol.

It means that even the communication between your browser and the website is not secured.

This contradiction is an obvious SCAM ALERT!

Do not put any information on these websites.

Another scam website is AppNana(dot)co which claims it can send bot referrals to your account for unlimited Nanas.

You can also find a warning inside the main app about this scam:

AppNana scam warning

You may see videos of people earning Nanas for fake referrals.

All of them are easily traceable by the AppNana team and they cannot get gift cards for credits comming from referring bots.

Don’t let these scams steal your personal information or your money.

Good News About AppNana

Here are the good news that you might like:

  • It’s not a scam. It’s a popular application with a high number of downloads both in Google play store and App store.
  • It’s fun to play the in-app games.
  • The registration is simple and free. You can join with your email address.
  • You will try new apps and games.
  • If you are a developer, you can promote your new application and put it in front of a huge audience really fast.

Bad News About AppNana

Here are the facts that you won’t like:

  • The earning opportunity is very limited. Even for earning as little as $2, you should spend a lot of time every day playing with the app.
  • High-rewarding tasks are sometimes really hard. For example, you may spend hours playing a game to get enough score to earn the Nanas.
  • It’s sometimes addictive and you may waste a lot of time downloading and playing new games.

Psychology Behind AppNana

I would like to briefly talk about the psychology behind this app.

It is designed in a way that you enjoy earning rewards with high numbers. When you earn 10,000 Nanas your brain feels good and it creates a positive feedback.

Even though Nanas are practically worthless, you will like to earn more of them.

This is similar to game scores. All games have a sort of scoring system to give you this sense of pleasure and to create positive feedback to make your brain addicted.

It’s also free and fun.

This is how it has attracted so many visitors and it has kept lots of people engaged. The developers are generating a ton of money through advertisement.

The real problem behind all this is that it wastes your time.

Who Can Benefit From AppNana?

Developers of mobile games and applications can benefit from this app.

If you have developed a new application or game, you can put it in front of a huge audience in AppNana and lots of them will download and try your app.

Especially for addictive games, this promoting method works well.

But it is not a good choice for people who are looking for easy ways to get free gift cards. You can earn more with survey sites like SurveyJunkie or SwagBucks.

Can You Download AppNana For PC?

Official versions of the app are only available for android and iOS. There is no such thing as AppNana PC version.


Softwares like BlueStack allow you to run mobile apps within your PC both in windows and mac.

But you should know that the experience is not as smooth as if you used your mobile device. So, it’s better not running AppNana on your PC using these third-party softwares.

Conclusion – Does it Worth the Download?

AppNana is a legit application. It is free to join and you can safely explore it.

However, the reward rate is remarkably low that it will take you quite a while to earn even $2.

So, it does not worth your time.

You may find it fun to play the games or to download the apps but you will never get satisfied with the rewards you can earn.


Let me know what you think about AppNana.

How much Nanas have you earned? Did you fall into AppNana hack scam sites?

If you have any questions or thoughts, shout it in the comments section below. I will answer as soon as I possible.

I enjoyed writing this AppNana review cause I had to download the app and play a few fun games.

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