Are you confused by different Kyani reviews?

One review claims it’s the key to heaven. Another one tells you to avoid it at all costs.

You will find the reality on this page.

First, let’s watch the advertisement. It has cool music 🙂

What is Kyani?

Does Kyani really work? (Kyani review)

Kyani started to work back in 2005 as a health and wellness company.

Their business model is MLM.

Who Owns Kyani?

Kyani is founded by Kirk Hansen, Kirk Hansen, and Carl Taylor.

What is MLM?

You’ve probably heard about the MLM business model.

In short:

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. Network marketing, pyramid selling, and referral marketing are other terms for the same concept.

In an MLM company you can earn a commission from two streams:

  1. Your direct sales
  2. Sales of the network that is created by you and your referrals

Each company has its unique financial compensation plan but the core principals are the same.

For example,

If you refer 10 customers and they all refer another 10 customers each, you are going to earn a commission for all of the 100 customers in your network. This could go further than two generations.

Kyani gives you a commission for 9 generations! (According to Kyani’s compensation plan)

Does it sound exciting?

Don’t get excited fast!

In almost all MLM companies, most people only lose money and just a few people on the top of the pyramid earn huge commissions!

Don’t get my word for it.

In this report from the Federal Trade Commission, in almost all MLM businesses approximately 99.9% of the people lose money!

The main reason for this is because:

At first, you may get excited by MLM business opportunities since the potential earning opportunity seems to be huge.

In reality,

You have to be a good salesperson to be able to grow your referral network and sell products. Even if you are a good salesperson, most of your referrals are not good at selling and your network does not grow as you expect it.

Another downside of this business model is that you are limited to promote specific products of the company you are working for. However, if you are a professional salesman you should always look for better products and never limit yourself to one exclusive brand.

Because of these reasons, I don’t like the MLM business model.


Regardless of the fact that Kyani is an MLM business, it might offer high-quality products.

Here are the products that Kyani offers you.

Kyani Health Products

Here is the list of Kyani’s health products and their price at the time of writing this review. You can go to Kyani website for checking their latest price.

IMPORTANT: The description of each product is extracted from Kyani’s official website. The benefits are claimed by the company and I am just quoting from Kyani shop.

I am not affiliated with Kyani nor do I recommend their products.

1. FleuresseImage of Fleuresse

A set of skincare products that hydrate and nourish your skin. They are extracted from natural ingredients like Swiss apple and blueberry. This set includes products like “Fleuresse cleanser & serum set” and “Fleuresse eye creme”.

2. Kyani Sunrise

Image of Kyani sunrise

A mixture of healthy nutritious and antioxidants that features Wild Alaskan Blueberry. You can buy it alone or in packages that include other products.

3. Kyani SunsetImage of Kyani sunset

This product includes tocotrienols, Omega-3s, Beta Carotene, and the essential Vitamin D. It is supposed to support your body’s vital systems like cell health and immune system. You can buy it alone or in packages with other products.

4. Kyani Nitro FamilyImage of Kyani Nitro FX

This product should increase the production of Nitric Oxides. The benefits of Nitric Oxide are: Increasing your energy, encouraging your body’s natural inflammatory response, and supporting healthy circulation. They offer it in two types: Nitro Fx and Nitro extreme, which Nitro extreme contains even more nitrate.

They also offer different bundles of these products costing up to 500$.

You can also buy donate Potato Paks to remote locations where families have no access to basic nutrition. They claim they distribute the packs where people are in need of them.

Kyani products side effects

Kyani’s products are not proven scientifically nor they are tested by drug companies.


They might have unknown side effects on you. That is why I don’t think you should use any of them before consulting with your doctor.

Before taking a look at Kyani’s product reviews let’s investigate their wealth opportunity.

Kyani Money Opportunity

Is Kyani a good money opportunity to invest in?

The answer is simple:

If you are a professional salesman or you experienced in MLM businesses and recruiting people, it can be a good opportunity for you.


If you are a beginner, it’s better you stay away from it.

It costs you a lot and it’s really hard to make a profit out of it. The bottom line is that you will end up losing money.

There are many other ways you can earn a passive income online. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start your online financial journey.

You can start learning from any high-quality training. One of them is Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a comparison of features of WA and Kyani:


Major Kyani Reviews

1. From HotMLMCompanies – Negative Review

In this review, Jesse believes that Kyani is a legit company but he thinks it has some issues, and overall it’s not a good place to invest your time and money.

In summary:

  • The company is legit
  • It is not recommended because of a few issues
  • Issue 1: The health and wellness niche is saturated with network marketing companies
  • Issue 2: Profit margins of the Kyani products are low
  • Issue 3: Most people fail because the big money is in creating big networks

2. From StealthSecretsNeutral Review

Timothy believes that the distributors are not doctors and you can not rely on them for medical consultation. So, you must take your doctor’s advice before using these products.

That’s one issue!

Another issue is that the company advertises easy money THAT IS NOT TRUE.

In summary:

  • Can’t trust their product before taking professional advice from your doctor
  • They advertise easy money that is a red flag
  • Products are expensive
  • You have to be a good salesperson to succeed
  • You have to be able to build a successful network of referrals or you won’t make a good profit from this product

3. From NutritionInspectorPositive Products Review

This is a product review and scores Kyani 3 out of 5.

In this review, Steven analyzes the nutrition facts and their effects on the body. His conclusion is that Kyani is a decent company with high-end ingredients and high-end prices.

In summary:

  • A decent company with desirable ingredients
  • Many benefits are unproven
  • If you’re interested, buy directly from Kyani instead of Amazon to ensure you get fresh products

Kyani Complaints That You Should Know About

13 complaints are submitted on BBB against Kyani and 2 of them are closed at this time but the company has answered all of the inquiries.

Most complaints are about shipping problems or refunds.

Kyani Lawsuit:

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Kyani. The complaint includes things like illegal health claims. You can track this case on

Is Kyani Legit

Kyani is a legal business and it is legit by definition. It is also not a pyramid scheme because in pyramid schemes real products are not sold. Kyani sells real products.

However, it doesn’t mean that it is a good opportunity.

Although Kyani is not a scam, it is damn too hard to make a profit by promoting their products.

In fact,

In their USA income disclosure statement, you can see that approximately 98% of their active distributors are earning almost nothing.

Conclusion – Does Kyani Worth Your Investment?

So, does Kyani really work?

The answer depends on you:

Are you a professional marketer in the health niche or someone with experience in MLM business?

Then, it can work for you. You can try their products and if you liked them, join their network.

Are you a beginner without experience?

In this case, stay away from Kyani and all other MLM companies or you will lose money, period.

As I explained at the beginning of this review, in almost all MLM companies only a few people on the top of the pyramid are actually making money while others are losing money.

Also, their products are relatively expensive and the niche market is saturated with similar products. This makes it even harder for you to sell these products.

If you don’t care about money and you just want to use their products:

I strongly suggest you consult with your doctor before using them.

If you are interested in starting an online business,

You don’t have to limit yourself to a few products in the health niche. You can learn affiliate marketing and promote the best products in any niche you want.

This way you can choose high-quality products with good profit margins.

You can also promote new trending products immediately after they emerge into the market!

There are many places you can learn about affiliate marketing. You can find my recommendation here.

What About You?

Have you ever used Kyani products?

Do you believe in similar supplementary health products?

Are you a fan of MLM businesses?


  • Name: Kyani
  • Website: &
  • Kyani owners: Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor, Jim Hansen
  • Costs: 44$ – 400$
  • LEI Rating: 3 out of 5
  • Scam or Legit: Legit!
  • Is it recommended? No!