Name: Kyani

Website: &

Kyani owners: Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor, Jim Hansen

Costs: 44$ – 400$

LEI Rating: 3 out of 5      |      Scam or Legit: Legit!      |      Is it recommended? No!


What is Kyani? Does Kyani really work?

Let’s take a look at major Kyani reviews and Kyani products to find the reality!


What is Kyani?

Does Kyani really work? (Kyani review)

Kyani is a health and wellness company that started to work back in 2005.

It is an MLM business.

I’m sure you’ve heard about MLM business model in the past, yet, I will briefly describe the model.

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing which is a business model in which you can refer customers and earn commissions from both your customers and the customers they refer.

Theoretically, in MLM companies, you are supposed to earn a huge amount of money through your referral network!

For example,

if you refer 10 people and they all refer an average of 10 people each, you are going to get a commission from all those 100 people in your network.

In this example, we just estimated the number of people in your network for two generations but many companies give you commissions for more than two generations.

Kyani gives commission for 9 generations!

Seems very exciting!

Doesn’t it?

Click here to see Kyani’s compensation plan.


The bad news is:

In almost all MLM companies, most people only lose money and only few people on the top of their network earn huge commissions!

There are many reasons why this happens.

Shortly, it’s because referring people won’t make you commissions. You have to be a good salesperson and be able to teach your network how to sell the products effectively.

Even if you’re a good salesperson, in MLM business model you are limited to promote just a few products. Unlike affiliate marketing where you can change the product, you are promoting the day you find a better one.

These are the most important reasons why in general MLM is not a business model that I recommend.

Regardless of the fact that Kyani is an MLM business, it might have some great opportunities for you.

In this review,


I will tell you everything you about Kyani business and products


I will summarize some of the most important online reviews about it.


I’ll share my conclusion with you.

Let’s begin!

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Kyani products

Kyani promotes four major products in health and wellness niche:

1. Kyani Sunrisekyani-sunrise-image

They claim it’s a mixture of healthy nutritious and antioxidants and it increases the overall wellness and it’s best to take it in the morning.


2. Kyani Sunsetkyani-sunset-image

They claim it includes EPA and DHA and it helps to maximize the absorption of the necessary nutrition. It’s best to take it in the evening.

3. Kyani Nitrokyani-nitro-image

This product is supposed to have amounts of Nitric Oxides to increase the overall health. You should renew it constantly because Nitric Oxide is short-lived in the human body.

4. Kyani Nitro Xtremekyani-nitro-xtreme-image

It’s a more extreme version of Nitro as you could guess from the name.


They also offer different bundles of these products costing up to 500$.

Kyani money opportunity

The main question here is:

Is Kyani a good money opportunity to invest in?


Kyani is a legit product but it is not enough to make you successful!

It is simple:

If you are familiar with MLM companies and you like health supplementary products, you might want to give this product a shot!


If you are new to this business or you don’t trust health products, you should absolutely stay away from it!

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for health product and trying to force other people to do that, it is better to start learning affiliate marketing.

You can start an online business without investing a huge amount of money.

The most important part is learning!

Learning how to attract visitors, how to turn them into customers and earn passive income, etc.

The good news is,

There are many places you can do that!

The best one is WA which gives you all the tools, teaches all you need to know, and gives you the best support in the world.

Moneywise, It is by far better!

Let’s compare them considering only the income opportunity:


Major Kyani reviews

1. From HotMLMCompanies – Neutral

In this review, Jesse believes that Kyani is a legit company but he thinks it has some issues and overall it’s not a good place to invest your time and money.

In summary:

  • The company is legit
  • It is not recommended because of a few issues
  • Issue 1: The health and wellness niche is saturated with network marketing companies
  • Issue 2: Profit margins of the Kyani products are low
  • Issue 3: Most people fail because the big money is in creating big networks

2. From BareNakedScam – Negative

In this review, Jack argues that over 95% of Kyani new members fail to even earn the 10$ threshold. He thinks, while the company is not a scam, it’s probably not a good opportunity for you to make money with it.

You might like Kyani products but promoting them is a different story.

In summary:

  • Some people claim products are good some claim they are not
  • 95% of people fail to make money with Kyani
  • For succeeding with Kyani, you should recruit distributors and it is not easy
  • It is expensive to join
  • Though the nutritious might be good for your health, there are no research papers on these products

3. From StealthSecretsNegative

Timothy explains all the details associated with Kyani in his review at StealthSecrets. He also thinks that Kyani is a legit business, however, if even possible, it is very hard to make money with it.

He believes that the distributors are not doctors and you can not rely on them for medical consultation. So, you must take your doctor’s advice before using these products.

That’s one issue!

Another issue is that the company advertises easy money THAT IS NOT TRUE. (You know it if you’ve been in this business for a while)

In summary:

  • The market is saturated
  • Can’t trust their product before taking a professional advice from your doctor
  • They advertise easy money that is a red flag
  • Products are expensive
  • You have to be a good salesperson to succeed
  • You have to be able to build a successful network of referrals or you won’t make a good profit from this product

4. From BestCompanyPositive

While the rating of BestCompany is 5.5, average score from 37 user reviews is 8.6 which is not bad.


Most reviews are mainly about the products and they have little or no information on the business opportunity side of Kyani.

In summary:

  • BestCompany rates Kyani with a score of 5.5 which is bad
  • Users rating is 8.6 based on 42 reviews which is good
  • Most reviews are about Products and not money opportunity

5. From NutritionInspectorPositiveKyani Products review

This review is just about the quality of Kyani products and It does not talk about the business opportunity. The editor’s score is 3 out of 5 and consumers average score is approximately 4 out of 5.

In this in-depth review, Steven analyzes all the nutrition facts and their effects on our body. His conclusion is that Kyani is a decent company with high-end ingredients and high-end price.

In summary:

  • Kyani products review
  • Editors score: 3 out of 5
  • Users score: 4 out of 5
  • In case you want to test it, they recommending to order the products directly to their company instead of Amazon to make sure you get fresh ones


So, does Kyani really work?

The answer is:

  • If you are a professional marketer or someone with experience in MLM business, YES, it can work for you.
  • Else, if you want to start a business and you are looking for a good opportunity for earning passive income while learning the basics, NO, Kyani does not work for you.

Kyani is a legit business with apparently high-quality products. (According to reviews and feedbacks. Personally, I haven’t used their products.)

Because their products are in health niche, some people do not trust them without consulting with a doctor first.

Personally, I’m not a fan of these supplementary products and I’m a bit skeptical.


Even if you like their products and you want to use them for your personal needs, it’s NOT a good business opportunity for you.

On one hand,

Their business model is MLM and as I explained at the beginning of this article, in almost all MLM companies only a few people on the top of the network are actually making money while others are losing money.

On the other hand,

Their products are relatively expensive and the niche market is saturated with similar MLM companies.

It’s very hard to succeed in such businesses without previous expertise.
The good news is that if your main purpose is to start an online business and earn passive income, you can start your exciting journey for free!

You don’t have to limit yourself to a few products in the health niche. You can learn affiliate marketing and promote the best products in any niche you want.

This way you can choose high-quality products with good profit margins.

You can also promote new trending products as they emerge into the online world!

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Best of all,

It’s FREE to join!

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Now, let’s hear it from you!

Have you ever used Kyani products? Do you believe in supplementary health products or you think you should talk to a doctor before using these products?

Have you ever promoted MLM products? Are you a fan of them or you think they don’t work?

Talk soon,



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