Is Unique Rewards a legit opportunity? Or, It’s another scam that will waste your time and money?

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Are you skeptical about these claims?

You are at the right page. I will share with you the truth behind UniqueRewards in this short review.

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What Is UniqueRewards?

UniqueRewards logo

It is an online platform that lets you earn small rewards for specific actions you take. After reaching a minimum balance of 20$ they allow you to cash out your money.

They pay either by PayPal or by check.

Unique Rewards connects you to an advertiser who is willing to pay you for watching a video, completing offers, participating in online surveys, etc.

Potentially you can earn a reward for actions like:

  • Cash Offers
    This way you can earn cash on special deals for products or services that you are interested in.
  • Cash Surveys
    You can earn money by sharing your opinion and completing online surveys. Many companies are willing to pay to know how their consumers think. Earning opportunity with this method is a little higher than other methods but it also takes more time.
  • Cashback Shopping
    You can get up to 50% of cashbacks for special products or services.
  • Click Cash
    You can earn 0.01$ for every click on an advertisement. It is called a Pay Per Click (PPC). You should keep the advertisement window open for a few seconds.
  • Cash Email Messages
    You can earn a reward for reading commercial emails sent to your inbox once per day or more. Do not use your main email for this. NEVER!
  • Video Offers
    You can also earn a few cents by watching advertisement videos.
  • Radio Offer
    There are specific radio stations which you can listen to one of them at a time and earn points.
  • Offer Walls
    These are like surveys except they are short and easy.

When you earn 20$ your account automatically upgrades to a gold membership.

You may wonder:

What is a gold membership?

Gold and basic memberships are essentially the same. The only difference is that when your account becomes gold, you have an opportunity to get higher commissions for survey completion, offers, and shopping.

You can also get paid with their referral program in three ways:

  1. If your referral finishes any task, you will earn $1.
  2. If your referral earns $20 and becomes a gold member, you will earn 5$.
  3. Then, you will 10% of your referrals qualified earnings for life.

Rewards are the same for watching videos, completing cash tasks, and listening to the radio.

At this time, they only allow users from the USA, Canada, and the UK. If you are interested and live in another country, you can check out similar legit websites like Swagbucks.

Does It Worth Your Time

Unique Reward is free.

Or is it?

Well, you don’t pay for anything and you don’t need to use your credit card for joining their service.

But, you should spend a lot of time earning as few as $50 a month.


Your time is much more valuable than your money.

So, the answer is a solid no!

It does not worth your time!

The cleverest thing to do is to invest your time in starting your own online business and earning a passive income for life.

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Starting an online business is much easier than you think.

In fact,

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Let’s Take a Look Inside of

Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

The registration process is fairly easy and I signed up for a new account.

First of all, it gives a 5$ bonus when you sign up. (Keep in mind that you cannot cash out until you earn at least 20$ which will take you usually around 20 days.)

After you log in to your Unique Rewards account, you see a menu that lets you choose an activity.

At the time of writing this review, the radio offer and the cashback shopping are unavailable.

Here you can see a few of the most popular surveys: (Sorted by profitability)

Unique Rewards Surveys

These are the most profitable surveys. Most of the other surveys give you around 0.5$ dollars which are considered as low reward surveys.

The OfferWall includes short and simple tasks with even lower rewards. Here you can see a few of the available offers:

Unique Rewards OfferWall

The click section has only 4 available links at this time. So, the total money in this section is 0.04$ for today.

Unique Rewards Clicks

More videos are available to watch. the duration of each video is usually 1 to 3 minutes.

Unique Rewards video offers

How Does Unique Rewards Work?

It connects people who are willing to do online activities in exchange for money with advertisers.

For example,

Consider a company that is willing to pay 110$ for 10000 blind impressions.

The company can submit the ad on Unique Rewards and it shows it to its users. Each user can earn 0.01$ for watching the ad.

And Unique Rewards takes the remaining 10$ as a commission for its service.

Of course, this was just an example.

The numbers can vary in real scenarios but the concept is the same.

What’s important is that,

In this model, you can not create a significant value for people and that is why you can never earn a considerable amount of money using rewarding service.

Is Unique Rewards a scam?

No, it is not a scam.

Because the owner of the website is known and there is nothing to hide. Many people have getting paid for more than 9 years.


You need to consider that

There are a few complaints and negative reviews about delayed payments and banned accounts which means you should be careful if you want to use their service.

And what matters the most is that

Although Unique Rewards is a legit business, the earning opportunity is so limited that it does not worth your time and like many other survey sites, you should be very careful with your personal information.

It is much wiser to invest your time in creating a long-term online business that rewards you for your life.

However, if you like to use is to earn some extra cash, avoid using your main email address.

Unique Rewards Reviews and Complaints

Although it is a fairly old website, there are very few reviews about it. There are only 6 reviews on SiteJabber and their profile is removed from BBB.

Before their profile gets removed, there were 3 complaints submitted on BBB which the owner answered and resolved.

What Are Other Top Reward Sites?

Unique Rewards is only available in a limited number of countries, here are a few alternative rewarding sites you can join.

You can earn a few dollars and have fun on these sites.

But you cannot earn a decent income with them.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites that give you a reward for your everyday online activities.

You can earn a reward by shopping, by watching a video, by surfing the web, etc.

When your points reach a certain threshold, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash.

You can learn more about Swagbucks here.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie another highly popular survey website.

You can earn money by taking online surveys and sharing your opinion regarding different issues.

Survey Junkie is widely popular with a lot of positive reviews. Their website traffic is also increasing steadily.

You can read our exclusive review of Survey Junkie here.

3. Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is another alternative for Unique Rewards.

Like other similar platforms, they allow you to earn money by taking surveys, shopping online, reading emails, etc.

Summary of Unique Rewards Review

Let’s summarize everything:

  • Unique Rewards is not a scam
  • It has been working for a few years
  • You can earn small rewards by doing specific online activities like watching videos, taking surveys, etc.
  • Their minimum cash out is 20$
  • They only allow users from the USA, Canada, and the UK
  • It simply does not worth your time because of its limited earning potential (Your time and effort are much more valuable)
  • If you really like to use their service, create a new email and do not use your personal email

I strongly believe that earning 0.01$ for watching an ad or earning a few dollars for completing an online survey is a big waste of time.


You can invest your time in a much more valuable program.

Where you can learn how to create your own website and start earning passive income online in the most trusted online community in the world.

Best of all,

It’s free to start and you will get access to all the tools you need to succeed in your online journey.

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What Do You Think About Survey Sites?

It is your turn now. Did you find this review helpful? Have you ever used unique rewards or other paid survey sites? How was your experience?

If you have any questions, let me know.

And, don’t forget to share this review with your friends. Let’s make the internet a safer place.

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Unique Rewards Logo

  • Name: Unique Rewards
  • Website:
  • Owners: Oleg Grade
  • Costs: Free!
  • LEI Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Scam or Legit: Legit!
  • Is it recommended? No!