Is OneOpinion a SCAM? [Comprehensive Review for 2024]

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one opinion review

Is OneOpinion legit?

Can you make money using surveys on their platform?

In this OneOpinion review, you will learn all you need to know about this survey site. If you are short on time, read the 30-second summary of this review.

What is OneOpinion?

It is a survey site that allows you to share your opinion with companies willing to pay for it. ReInvention LLC, a US-based data analysis company, owns it.

You can earn points by completing surveys and cash out when you reach at least 25000 points or $25. Each 1000 points is worth $1.

You can now join OneOpinion if you live in one of these countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Australia.

How does OneOpinion work?

Here is a screenshot from their website that explains the process:

One opinion - how it works

You should sign up on their website and verify your account. Then, you can take online surveys you are qualified for and earn rewards. You can cash out when your earnings meet a minimum of $25.

In other words, behind the scenes, they gather data from volunteer participants, sell it to companies doing market research, and share the profits with survey takers.

Is it worth your time?

The answer is short and straightforward. No!


Because of these two reasons:

1. Limited earning potential

Your earning potential is minimal, and your time is much more precious than wasting it to make a few dollars.

If you like to earn a few dollars online, you can safely use One Opinion but never consider it a second source of income.

2. A limited number of available surveys

The payment rate is low in all survey sites, and the number of available surveys is no different in One Opinion. There are very few available surveys with reasonable payments, and sometimes, you should wait for days or weeks to find an available survey opportunity.

Inside OneOpinion

Let’s take a look at the One Opinion members’ area.

In the registration process, you must send your personal details, address, yearly income, and race.


After you log in to your account, you see a straightforward and clean dashboard:

OneOpinion dashboard screen shot.

You need to verify your account before receiving any surveys.

Member care

The member care panel is a benefit that you will not find in other survey sites very often:

OneOpinion member care panel screenshot

It makes it super easy to ask for help and contact support.

No survey notification

I verified my account and waited for a few hours, but no survey became available for me:

No survey available notification

Depending on your location, salary, and other details, you may find available surveys more often or less. For example, if you verify your phone, you are eligible for phone surveys and other surveys.

Member Rewards

Now, let’s take a look at the rewards panel:

Screenshot of the reward panel

As you can see, you can redeem your points for various gift cards or just receive cash by PayPal.

Privacy policy

Finally, here is a screenshot of the short version of the privacy policy in the FAQ section:

Screen shot of OneOpinion Privacy Policy

It seems that they have strict privacy rules. For example, they claim that they will never contact you for marketing reasons.

Is it a SCAM?

Before I conclude, let’s take a look at the positive facts:

Contact us

Their contact information sounds promising. They have a support number that you can call any time:

OneOpinion support number

They also offer you a member care panel, which allows you to contact support right from your dashboard.

Reviews and complaints

They have been in the market for a while, and there are no significant complaints about them. Some people are unsatisfied with their service, but nobody is complaining about being ripped off by them.

Social proof

They have an active page on Facebook with more than 17000 followers.


The Identity of the owner is known. Here is a snapshot of the whois information of their domain: whois information

ReInvention LLC registers the domain with a valid address.

In conclusion, the answer is no. It is a legitimate business.

However, as I mentioned previously, doing online surveys only wastes your time, and the reward is so small that it has no impact on your life.

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One Opinion reviews and complaints

There are no significant complaints about One Opinion. More than 150 reviews are submitted on SurveyPolice with an average of 3.5 out of 5.

Here you can see some of the most recent reviews:

SurveyPolice review screenshot
SurveyPolice review screenshot
SurveyPolice review screenshot

Most reviews are positive.

What people are complaining about is the limited number of available surveys.

SurveyPolice review screenshot

I think this last review is valid for almost all survey sites. This is the real problem with doing online surveys. You should spend your time earning tiny rewards with unpredictable availability.

You can read more user reviews on SurveyPolice.

Other legit survey sites

Before I introduce you to other legit survey sites, I want to emphasize that:

You can never create a solid income by taking online surveys.

But if you think it’s fun and you want to earn a few dollars through your online activities, here are a few of the most popular survey sites that you can use:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. SurveyJunkie
  3. QuickRewards

Since the number of surveys in OneOpinion is limited, you may want to join these trustable alternatives. You can also earn money by doing other online activities like watching videos, online shopping, etc.

One Opinion review in summary

Let’s summarise everything:

  • One Opinion is a legit survey site
  • You can earn rewards by participating in online or phone surveys
  • You can redeem your points for money when you earn at least 25000 points ($25)
  • It has excellent customer service, and you can call support anytime.
  • It is not worth your time because the earning opportunity is minimal.

Making real money online may sound exciting initially, but spending days and weeks on online surveys for a $25 gift card is a pure waste of time, and it gets frustrating as you spend more time on it.

If you want to make a real difference, you can invest in yourself and create your online business.

Sounds impossible?

I want to introduce you to a community of people already earning a passive income from their online business.

First, let me make it clear:

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Your turn

I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have any comments or questions, let us know.

Also, it would be nice of you to share your experience with other readers. Have you ever participated in online surveys? Do you agree that it will waste your time for nothing? Or, you think otherwise.

I do look forward to hearing from you.

Talk soon,


Logo of OneOpinion
  • Name: One Opinion
  • Website: and
  • Owners: ReInvention LLC
  • Costs: Free!
  • LEI Rating: 3 out of 5
  • Scam or Legit: Legit!
  • Is it recommended? No!


  1. nir dolev

    In my opinion, all these survey sites a scam. You cant make a living from them, it’s a waste of your time. However if your a teenager that needs some pocket money, them maybe they’re for you. Otherwise, do something more profitable with your time. I can tell you this from experience. I have tried it myself. There is no money tree out there.

    • Ash

      A money tree does not exist for sure. Some of the survey sites are not considered as scams because they respect your data and they don’t burn your money. But as you mentioned, all of them will ultimately waste your time.

  2. Emmanuel Buysse

    I have never done this type of surveys, I didn´t know that you could earn a certain amount of money by doing them, it is good to know which pages are good and which ones are not, the best thing is that you explain what it could be of our interest and how much you would earn monetarily.

    Anyway, thanks for making us understand this situation.

    • Ash

      It’s best to stay away from them and focus on learning long-term strategies like affiliate marketing.

  3. Shai Shmuel

    Hi Ash,

    Wonderful review, I have to say that I enjoyed your writing and explains.Well, as you said, 25$ are not worth the time we need to invest, it’s pissed me off that big companies do not appreciate the time people spent on their surveys.

    And I think you are right, Swagbucks can be a much better choice.I’m suggesting to other people that read my comment to read your review about Swagbucks.Shai.

    • Ash

      Thanks for the kind words. Hope your readers like the review as well.


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