8 [infographics] to Help You 10x Your Blog Traffic

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I can read your mind!

You love visual content!


According to statistics, we all do!

That’s why, in this article, I’ve put together 8 awesome infographics to review all powerful traffic strategies.

Let’s begin…

Where Is Your Traffic Coming From?

I promise!

By the end of this article, you will learn lots of practical ways to INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC.


First, let’s take a look at a survey by Hubspot to see what are the major traffic sources.

According to a traffic report of analyzing 15k websites by Hubspot, #1 website traffic source in most industries is organic traffic.

Key points:

  • Most industries are relying on organic and direct traffic as their number 1 traffic source
  • Referral, paid, social, and email traffic are responsible for about 25% of traffic in most industries
  • Direct traffic is the #1 traffic source of 50% of websites in the e-commerce industry

Where does the traffic comes from infographic by Hubspot

Your Actionable Guide for Creating Viral Content

I know! Creating viral content is not the easiest part of your content marketing journey.


There are some proven ways that are guaranteed to increase your content’s viral potential.

Backlinko.com has created many viral articles and this valuable infographic will show you 21 ways to boost your article’s viral potential. [The Infographic has been removed from BackLinko but the data is still relevant and helpful]

Key points:

  • Use numbers and brackets in the title
  • Use short and descriptive URLs
  • Use colorful visuals, pro images, and infographics
  • Use above the fold social media links
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs to make your articles more readable
  • Be as practical as you can
  • Get emotional
  • Ask people to share your article and give them reasons to do that
  • Publish long articles

All About Long Tail SEO

SEO is the #1 traffic source for most B2B and B2C industries.


It’s very competitive!

As you may already know, long-tail SEO is one of the most powerful ways to get search engine traffics to your website.

HitTail.com has gathered the necessary information about the long tail myth in this infographic.  (This website is not online anymore yet the key points are still informative)

This infographic does not load properly here but you can see it in the original article.

Let’s review the important details.

Key points:

  • Over 70% of search queries are for long-tail terms
  • Conversion rates for long-tail keywords are more than double in comparison with head keywords
  • The Click-through rate increases as keywords become more specific
  • Publish more high-quality content targeting long-tail keywords
  • Aim for a diverse set of long-tail keywords
  • Use your current ranking data to find new potential keywords
  • Spread the word with the help of social media, press releases, and online communities
  • Use tools like HitTail to find low competitive long-tail keywords with high ranking potential for your website

How To Get Your Blog Post Shared Many Times

We all agree that social media is powerful and it’s a firm part of every content marketer’s plan!

In this infographic provided by RazorSocial we will take a look at different ways to optimize your post for social media, so they get shared more often.

Key points:

  • Include numbers and power keywords in the title
  • Use social media icons in a user-friendly way to MAKE YOUR ARTICLE EASY TO SHARE
  • Use twitter cards and open graph data to increase engagement
  • Add Pinterest pin button to your images
  • Take advantage of sharing tools like Buffer and Dlvr.it
  • Share to your social media channels, email subscribers, and to communities like Scoop.it
  • Monitor and analyze data
  • Promote it again for maximizing the exposure

How to get your blog post share infographic by Razorsocial

What You Need To Know About Online Advertising

Advertising has been always a solid way of getting targeted traffic to your website. If you know your numbers it can be pretty effective and if you don’t know your numbers it can help you find them faster.

You can use different models and different places to promote your online business.

In short,


In this infographic, BookMark.com has created a beginner’s guide to learn about different advertising options.

Key points:

  • Common terms
    • PPC: In this advertising model you choose the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click
    • CPC: Cost of each click for the advertiser in a PPC campaign
    • CPA: Cost for each action ( The action is defined by the advertiser: Sales, Opt-ins, etc. )
    • CPM: The cost for displaying an ad 1000 times
    • CTR: Rate of clicks over impressions
    • Conversion rate: Rate of conversions over impressions
  • Facebook ad pros
    • Advanced targeting
    • Retargeting options
    • Cost efficient
    • Ability to define a custom audience
  • Twitter ad pros
    • Automatic targeting
    • Users can retweet and engage with your ads
    • Usually, you will pay less than your maximum bid
  • Google AdWord pros
    • Has the most reach
    • Highly targeted
    • Quality leads
  • Real-time bidding pros
    • More control over your ads
    • More options to narrow your target
    • More profitable for publishers
    • Two reliable networks are OpenX and SiteScout
  • Display advertising
    • More interactive
    • Higher CTR
  • Retargeting
    • Personalised ads
    • More conversion
    • Targeting potential customers and people who are familiar with your brand
  • Other ad networks

Your Google PPC Success guide

Google PPC is another huge source of traffic.

Considering the fact that advertising on Google is not very cheap these days, it’s rewarding to know the basic rules of PPC advertising for maximizing your ROI.

In this perfect infographic, Visualistan.com has put together all the info you may need for running and optimizing your PPC campaign.

Key points:

  • PPC Tips:
    • Always test different ads | A/B split testing
    • Study and investigate your competitors
    • Use long tail keywords to lower your PPC costs
    • Use ad extensions to boost your CTR
  • Know your analytics
    • Inform your marketing strategy by identifying your key converting geographical locations
    • Use all the data to find your key demographics
    • Don’t confront your audience with massive lists, USE SIMPLE SHORTLIST
  • Display ads tips
    • Target mobile audience as well
    • Adjust your bids for different devices according to their performance
    • Use call to actions in your images | Somehow, make it clear that it’s CLICKABLE
    • Use relevant graphic and test different images
  • Landing page optimization tips
    • Make sure that your landing page is responsive
    • Optimize your website to load fast
    • Increase users response by reducing the number of required clicks
    • Use clean and organized landing pages
    • Encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter
  • Behavioral targeting
    • Optimise for human readability first and then consider search engines
    • Benefit from RLSA for remarketing customers with different behavior
    • Calculate your customers lifetime value
    • Schedule your ads and run them when your conversion is maximum
    • Visualise the entire journey for visitors
    • Be clear about your objectives
  • Ad Link common sense
    • Instead of being afraid of your failures, learn from them
    • Have a long-term plan
    • Use a relevant landing page to lower your PPC cost by minimizing bounce rate
    • Make sure everything in your funnel is always to date

53 Steps to ultimate PPC infographics by Visualistan

Ways to Promote Your Blog

No matter how great your content is, it won’t get viral unless you promote it well.

In most situations,


CrazyEgg.com has put together promotional strategies in this handy infographic.

Key points:

  • Spend more time on promoting your content than on creating it
  • Grow your email list and publish your new content to it
  • Share your content on your social media channels multiple times
  • Republish your content after a while
  • Send an outreach email
  • Mention influencers
  • Leverage content communities and peer groups
  • Make it easy to share
  • Use paid ads to boost traffic
  • Focus on traffic sources with the best results

How to make your blog viral infographic by Crazyegg

27 Actionable Content Marketing Tips

In our last infographic provided by Digital Vidya, you can learn about 27 actionable tips that will help you take your content marketing to a whole new level.

Key points:

  • 70% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing
  • 54% of B2B marketers find it difficult to produce engaging content
  • 27 content marketing tips:
    1. Create a buyer persona before producing the content
    2. Produce a content that is more conversational
    3. Always focus on the audience
    4. Use short, sharp, simple, and optimized headlines
    5. Quote from influencers and link to them
    6. Leverage email in content marketing

Actionable content tips to drive more traffic infographic by Digitalvidya


You have lots of options to promote your content.

You might ask:

Which strategies should I stick to?

The answer is mind-blowing simple! The ones that you are having better results with.

You should know your audience and analyze their behavior. You should test different strategies and see what works best for you.


When you are testing, do it the right way!

Always, learn from people that are highly successful in a particular field before jumping into that field.

One last thing,

No matter what are your main traffic sources is, you should always keep in mind that YOU SHOULD ADD VALUE.

If you are using FaceBook to get traffic, share contents that your audience loves to share it with their followers.

If you are getting traffic from Google, create or curate content that is practical and actually answers your visitor’s problem.

If you are advertising for your business, put the perfect product or solution in front of your visitors.

And the idea is the same for any other traffic source.


Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Which traffic strategies have been working best for you?

Do you know other traffic sources that worth sharing with our audience?

Talk soon,




  1. Wil

    These infographics are very helpful when considering and planning how and where to market your website. I like the fact that you made sure to show graphics in your article as well. I think for me, marketing and consistency has been one of the toughest things for me to get right. What do you think about consistency of posts? is it enough that I post about 4 to 5 times a week?

    • Ash

      Consistency is very important and publishing 4 articles per week is great!


      Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to publish high-quality content. If it’s hard to publish 4 high-quality content in a week, publish less but keep the quality as high as you can.

      Make sure your articles are readable and always try to read your visitors mind and try to think like them. This way you can give them exactly what they are looking for and that’s what matters the most.

  2. Michael Soto

    I really enjoy this article and all the graphics that come with. I’m already implementing some tactics suggested in this website. I think asking people to share my content is what I struggle with most. But now I’m looking into the plug-ins. Also using info graphs is a great idea. I’m going to have to try out the long content idea. What I’ve discovered especially with social media today that people don’t exactly have longing attention spans. The content itself must be really really good, Which it should be. Do you think that individual points should be separate Pages on the website or should be listed as you have it set on the site? I like to revisit content that is particular to my situation and easy to find.

    • Ash

      You are absolutely right! The content itself should be good to engage visitors.

      About the points:

      Because, all of them are somehow related to each other, I put them in one page but thank you for the feedback. Hopefully, I will publish more info about each section in a separate page in the near future.

  3. Neil

    I’ve heard from other successful marketers that infographics can increase website traffic. And looking at the awesome infographics within your article, I can see why they make visitors hang around for much longer as well as attract new ones from various traffic sources like Google and scial media (namely Pinterest).

    I had tried to create my own infographics in the past, but I totally sucked at it because I didn’t know how to structure them the right way and also make them visually appealing to my audience.

    How long do you reckon it would take for me to make a good attention-grabbing infographic and where’s the best place for creating them? Better still, where can I find the best training platform for creating awesome infographics like the ones here?

    Cheers, Neil

  4. Rachel

    Thank you for this article. I took many notes from your article so I can help my website out. I have learned a lot from here. I kinda figured some of the information – pictures, numbers, & getting emotional. But everything else to me was a learning experience. I’ll be sure to use it all. I’m glad I learned this at the start of my journey instead of in the middle or where it would hard to go back. I actually do like the inforgraphics. They are one of my favorites on pages! I love following along. I also like the “yes” or “no” questions & you have to follow the arrows. That is fun!

  5. Amer Azmi

    Great article with 8 infographics with different topics. I first thought that all 8 infographics are about the traffic only. But, what you’ve shown here are the flow of internet business. This article really help me completely how to earn money with my blog. Especially the infographics about ways to promote your blog. It’s really help me. Maybe I’ll try promoting to my social media first. Anyway great article and I’ll bookmark it for future referrence. 🙂

  6. kaeyoes

    I’ve bookmarked this site so I can keep referring to it later.  Thank you for posting it.  Infographics is something I need to work on and this helps keep it in perspective as well as illustrate the things I can do with it 🙂

    Social media is something I need to work on as well. I get nervous sharing stuff there, but I can see the potential for sharing in places like that.  

    Thank you so much for this!

  7. Michel Maling

    Love the way that you have used info graphics in this article. This article is great because it shares so many different ways to get people to visit your website. I think I am going to have to print out some of the infographices for my wall as they will make a handy and attractive reference fo me to go to for ideas. 

    Tell me how would one go about making ones own infographics for our websites. Do you need to hire a pro, or can one do it themselves?

  8. Alenka

    Wow! What a list and how much fantastic information in one place! Thank you.

    There is so much amazing advice out there, it makes you think why isn’t everybody super-successful in their online business. 

    All you need to do is to follow the good advice and the success should follow. But, I do agree with you that the most important thing is to create good content. And, of course, that is the #1 Challenge. 

    This is only my 7th month in affiliate marketing, and there is really an overwhelming amount to take in. Infographics really help. 

    Infographics are an amazing visual aid, and in fact, I have printed out some from Backlinko. Easilfy digestable nuggets of information, actionable and easy to follow. What’s not to like?!

  9. TYP

    Wow…. I like all your Infographics. All of them are big and clear, easy to read and understand. Furthermore, all the tips you mentioned here are good advise for me to implement and get traffics.

    I have booked mark this post and will put times and efforts to digest all these useful information. I believe when I master some of the techniques you mentioned here, my website traffic is going to increase many folds.

  10. Evald

    Hey there 😉

    These are very useful and helpful tips and tactics that I am definitely going to use when creating new and updating my existing content as well, thank You very much! I truly appreciate the amount of visual information and graphics You used here, it truly helps to process the information much better and learn much more in comparison to article with just regular text, great job! 

    You have mentioned that I can ask my readers to share my article and give them a good reason why, however don’t You think that if a person would want to share my article he would do that regardless of me asking for it? I think quite few people may find it annoying when a person asks for subscripe or share and stuff like that. And also, is it possible to do well in affiliate marketing in Your opinion when a person doesn’t publish content regulary or conssitently, lets say once per week, but the quality of those articles is very high? How should this person approach things and on what things he shoudl concentrate the most? Can You build big online business while publishing 3-4 high quality articles while keeping the comment section engaged? Because I’ve seen some great websites who do really well while not publishing content very often so I wonder how they manage to achieve that. Thank You once again for the article and keep up the good work! I am bookmarking this page 😉



  11. Zayn Hiew

    Hey Ash,

    You have done  a great job with this roundup post putting together all the infographics and explained each strategy  in detail to drive up traffic to our website.

    I’ve implemented most of the tactics suggested herein, but haven’t started with video marketing especially nowadays Youtube is the second largest search engine for organic traffic. The toughest part is to create an appealing video and how to optimize it. What would be your SEO strategies for creating a viral video marketing.

    Your opinion is much appreciated.

    Shui Hyen.

  12. Tim Bennett

    What an amazing page you have. This is one of the best posts I have seen for a long time and I can see areas on my site where I need to improve.

    I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon summarizing your post (a downloadable summary would be a great idea).

    I loved the well created images, but not only that the content was really good and points that I can action into my posts to make my site better.

    Thank you so much !


  13. Ryan Biddulph

    Ash what a tremendous guide. Amazing how some tweaking and openness to new ideas increases your blog traffic by epic levels.


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