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Inspired Opinions claims it’s an interesting, easy and fun experience to earn money by participating in market research and sharing your ideas with big brands. Is it true? Are they a legit business? Or another online SCAM?

Read our Inspired Opinions review to find out the answers.

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What is Inspired Opinions?

Inspired Opinions (Schlesinger Associates) is a market research website owned by Schlesinger Associates Inc. You can earn money by participating in one of these three ways:

  1. Online (You can use your personal computer to share your opinions with big brands and earn rewards.)
  2. Telephone (This way you can choose the convenient times for you to participate in research via telephone.)
  3. In Person (This is the most direct way. They have 16 offices across the US which you can choose from.)

You can redeem your points when you earn at least 1000 points.

Every 100 points equal to $1.

This is not a new website. Schlesinger Associates Inc is working in the market research business for a long time and the InspiredOpinions website is registered in 2009.

Does it worth your time?

In short, the answer is no, it does not worth your time to participate in their market research programs.

They pay high rewards like 100 bucks for some of the surveys.

At first look, it seems interesting.


When you take the surveys you find out that it absolutely does not worth it.

The high paying surveys may take a few weeks to finish.


The high-paying surveys are eighter hard to complete or less available.

It’s common across all survey sites.

The potential reward does not worth the time you should spend on gaining it.

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The registration process

Unlike other survey sites, the registration process is a little hard.

First, they ask you a few questions. It’s kind of a short survey.

For example, they ask you if you work in the healthcare industry:

Inspired Opinion registration process - image 2

Then, they ask you to upload a valid id:

Inspired Opinion registration process - valid id is needed

Here are the acceptable IDs are:

Inspired Opinion registration process - acceptable ids

The fact that they want to gather quality information is understandable.


The strict registration process may be a barrier to a lot of users.

Is Inspired Opinions a scam?

No. Inspired Opinions is legit.

It has been online for many years.

The company has a valid physical address and phone number.

The website support responds to client’s reviews.


You need not worry about being ripped off by this website.


keep in mind that:

Participating in online surveys is a waste of time because the earning potential is very limited and you will finally become frustrated with the process.

Inspired Opinions complaints and reviews

There are very few reviews about InpiredOpinions.

31 reviews are submitted to SurveyPolice.

The average rating is 2 out of 5.

Here is a recent negative review from an Inspired Opinions US customer:

Inspired Opinions negative review

As you can see, the support has responded to the review which is a good sign.

Here is a recent positive review from an Inspired Opinions UK customer:

Inspired Opinion positive review

There are also very few unsolved complaints submitted to Better Business Bureau which is normal.

Alternative sites for participating in online surveys

In my opinion, participating in market research surveys is a pure waste of time.

Your time is very precious.


If you’re interested in surveys and you do not like to join Inspired Opinions for reasons like the hard registration process,

Check out these three popular alternative survey sites:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Quick Rewards

These are all online surveys sites and they do not

Inspired Opinions review in summary

Let’s summarize everything:

  • Inspired Opinions is a market research website
  • You can earn points for taking a part in online surveys, phone surveys or in-person surveys
  • You can redeem you earn at least 1000 points (Every 100 points worth $10)
  • The registration process is relatively hard
  • It is a legit website
  • It does not worth your time because of low earning opportunity

I hope this review has helped you get a better picture of Inspired Opinions.

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What do you think?

What do you think about participating in market research surveys?

Do you think Inspired Opinions worth your time?

Have you ever participated in Inspired Opinions surveys before?

Look forward to hearing your comments.

Talk soon,



InspiredOptions logo

  • Name: Inspired Opinions
  • Website:
  • Owners: Schlesinger Associates Inc
  • Costs: Free!
  • LEI Rating: 3 out of 5
  • Scam or Legit: Legit!
  • Is it recommended? No!


  1. Anna

    They thourough review. I appreciate the honesty. It’s a shame that most survey companies are wasting people’s time by giving such low payouts. They need to be more upfront about who is/is not qualified for a survey. Instead they ripoff your demographic information by asking so many prequalification questions then telling you that you don’t fit their needs for that survey. Knowledge is worth $$, they should pay for it. 

    • Ash

      Most of them use hype advertisement to gain users yet the cold truth behind all of them is that you can’t earn a reward in proportion to the time you put into it.

  2. Jurgen

    In my quest of finding ways to make money via the internet, I’ve also tried several of these programs. It is like you say, it’s not worth your time as the rewards you get for doing all these surveys is peanuts.

    I tried it for a few weeks and eventually stopped altogether without making any money.

    • Ash

      The problem is that there is always a threshold for cashing out what you earned. Most people have the same experience as yours. They never make it to the threshold and just quit after spending hours on different surveys without earning anything.


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