How many make money online blog posts exist?


It’s not an easy question, I know!

But, I think you do agree with me that there A LOT OF THEM OUT THERE.

And, again you do agree with me that most of them are not worthy.

It’s because the majority of make money online articles are just promotional.


Don’t get me wrong!

I don’t have any problem with being promotional. But what I expect from a good post is that it ADDS VALUE.

After hours of intensive research, I’ve found 8 awesome articles about making money online.

All of these articles are worth your precious time however, I put a brief note on each one so you can choose the ones you’re interested in.

My main goal for this post is to SAVE YOUR TIME!

Let’s begin

1. Learn about more than 100 business ideas to make your fortune online

Article link:

Over 100 Internet Business Ideas To Make Your Millions Online by Ashley Faulkes

This is not just a huge list of 100 nonsense items.

It’s huge, but it’s also practical!

It will give you great insights about ways you can earn money online.

The article scrolls like forever and it has a lot of valuable content. Ashley has done a great job on creating a long-lasting go-to resource!

In each section, you can find resources, websites, expert tips, and an easy to follow explanation.

This one also includes an infographic containing a summary of all contents:

Over 100 Internet Business Ideas To Start Your Next Online Business
Courtesy of: Mad Lemmings

2. Learn about top work from home jobs

Article link:
Top 10 Online Work from Home Jobs by Laura Spencer

Do wonder what kind of jobs you can do online?

If so, you should read this post.

It introduces you top 10 online jobs that you can do as a self-employed.

Here is the list of the online jobs mentioned in this post:

  1. Web Developer (Median salary: 30$ per hour)
  2. Writer (Median salary: 28.3$ per hour)
  3. Customer Support (Median salary: 24.22$ per hour)
  4. Software Developer (Median salary: 47.11$ per hour)
  5. Online Tutor
  6. Virtual Assistant (Median salary: 15$ per hour)
  7. Translator (Median salary: 20.96$ per hour)
  8. Sales Person
  9. Graphic Designer (Median salary: 22$ per hour)
  10. Photographer (Median salary: 14$ per hour)

3. 10 Practical ways to make money online

Article link:
10 Creative Ways to Earn Money Online by Shay

This is a nice guide for learning practical ways to make money online written by full-time blogger Shay.
  1. Become a freelance writer
  2. Become a personal trainer
  3. Do graphic designs
  4. Monetizing your YouTube videos
  5. Providing freelance services related to your personal skills
  6. Selling images online
  7. Selling your old books on sites like eBay
  8. Selling your clothes online
  9. Starting your own blog and monetizing it
  10. Creating and selling info products such as online courses

4. Make money with your WordPress blog

Article link:

How To Make Money With A WordPress Blog by Kyla

Did you know that many bloggers are earning more than 100,000$ passive income per month?

If you do it right, blogging can be your main source of income. To reach a high level of success, you should learn and experience a lot.

Check out this complete guide on how to monetize your WordPress blog.

It explains these blog monetization strategies:

  1. Through affiliate links
  2. Using Ad spots
  3. Using Newsletters
  4. With the help of Sponsored posts
  5. By hosting giveaways
  6. Creating members only content
  7. Selling Out your whole blog Flippa

5. Making money with YouTube

Article link:

Here’s How You Can Actually Make Money With YouTube by Anna Johnsson

According to statistics, most people prefer videos over text.

That’s why YouTube has a ton of traffic.



Let’s learn the answer from this special guide from

In this creative guide Anna argues that if you rely on ads for making money from YouTube, you’ll probably end up not so successful.


She encourages you to try some creative alternative methods such as attracting sponsorships.

6. Earn money from affiliate marketing without having your own website or blog

Article link:

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing without Maintaining a Blog or Website by Ashlee Anderson

Is it hard for you to create your website?

Do you want to test your affiliate products fast?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you’ll probably find this article helpful.

It’s all about ways to promote affiliate products without having a blog or website. It explains each of these concepts in detail:

  • Social media
  • HubPages
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Amazon associates

7. All about online freelancing

Article link:

Online Freelancing: How To Get Started? by Valine

Are you interested in becoming an online freelancer?

In this article Valine explains all you need to know about becoming a freelancer.

She explains:

  • Why it is or it is not a good way to go for you
  • Different types of freelance work
  • How to pick the best job for you
  • Practical ways to start freelancing today

8. How to make money writing online

Article link:

Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers 50$+ by Jennifer Roland

If writing is your passion, why not making money from it?

In this blog post, you will learn about more than 90 websites that pay writers more than 50$ per post!

  • Websites are listed in x different categories:
  • Business and finance
  • Essays
  • Parenting
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Tech
  • Food and Travel
  • Writing

So, no matter what your professional writing style is, you can find places to pitch your writings in this post.

Final words

If you’re just starting to learn about ways to make money online, you should be very careful.



Start with the articles we’ve introduced in this post and learn the basic ideas about making money online.


If you have any questions, you can ask below, in the comments. We would love to help you.

If you know other great posts, share them with our readers and make us happy 🙂